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About the restaurant

The Russian noble cuisine derived inside of the grand hospitable mansions from the traditions of century-old gastronomy of our country and the classic French cuisine brought by international guest chefs. Modern Ekaterinburg transcends this atmosphere of hospitality and elegant style into Troekurov, a two-story mansion on top of Malyshev street.

This is a meeting place for presidents and prime ministers, as well as distinguished business men and people of the arts, and receptions and celebrations, gastronomical festivals and children’s events are also hosted here. However, more often it is a place for friendly meetings and family dinners.


The restaurant’s cuisine is inspired by Russian traditions, modern local products and a classical French take on high-class cooking.

Mediterranean fish, fried quails with fois gras and chicken cutlets cooked from historical recipes of the 19th century sit on the same menu with Nekrasov pike dishes supplied by one of our regular guests, original fruit liqueurs and herbal teas with Ural berries. The bar menu boasts a great selection of wine from all over the world and exquisite examples of young Russian wineries.


Head chef

The irreplaceable head chef of Troekurov, Mikhail Kovalev shapes his kitchen around the combination of a gastronomical heritage of a time when French was spoken more than Russian and modern trends.

The chicken and rabbit bred by Mikhail’s friends that moved to the countryside are cooked in a sous vide technique at low temperatures. In addition to the traditional fillings for pelmeni like beef, lamb and pork, Mikhail adds a salmon filling. For only a few months during the year in Autumn, he serves tugun caught in the North of the Urals. Misha also has a talent for combining great wine with Russian cuisine and brings still water from a home spring near Ekaterinburg.


Special occasions

In order to accommodate 80 people at one table, Troekurov built a special grand dining room considered one of the best banquet halls of Ekaterinburg. For example, Russian president Dmitry Medevev and Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel have eaten octopuses here.

For even bigger events, Troekurov offers delivery service. We are prepared to deliver dishes from our menu to a private plane, a celebration or family lunch. It would be unfair to limit our hospitality to just one, even pleasant, restaurant.

to get discounts, and to keep abreast of the news

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